EBCI : History & Profile (EBCI Nostalgia)

The Idea

Way back in late 2006, a group of 8 friends were socializing over evening tea in a Sharjah (UAE) home, when a novel idea struck them. This group had a few things in common – they originated from in or around Kolkata (India), were living & working in the United Arab Emirates, had a socio-cultural orientation, and as Bengalees, shared a huge gastronomical passion. Also, all of them were keen to bring together other families with similar interests, create a common platform to consolidate the ideas and passion, and to extend them to our next generation.


That’s how Emirates Bengal Club of India (EBCI) was born, although it was officially launched on 1st January 2007 after a pre-launch dinner where several  families signed up, and a club Constitution was drawn up to define a broad regulatory framework.  EBCI vowed to work actively and relentlessly towards promoting Indian culture, art and tradition, celebrate Indian festivals, engage in social activities – with due respect the local culture and sentiments. We promised to leave a mark as a socio-cultural family club operating out of the UAE, by doing something innovative, and with a personal touch.


What followed since then was remarkable, to say the least. Acknowledged as one of the most active, focused and professionally managed expat associations in the region, we have been repeatedly applauded and appreciated by fellow Indians, The Embassy of India as well as other local associations for the passion we work with and for the top-notch quality of events we deliver on a regular basis. On the management side, we follow a structured club Constitution, have an annually selected Executive Committee to plan and oversee day-to-day affairs, and have a Strategic Committee in place to work on our long-term vision & plans.


At EBCI, we focus on cultural events, sports, festivities, musical shows, social charity and fellowship. Most importantly, we enjoy what we do, and that pushes us to deliver our best.


Our focus on the Gen Next – or our Youth – is our priority. In fact our basic objective is to ensure that the essence of our historic culture and tradition percolates down to our next generation, many of whom have been largely brought up outside India. We have launched a ‘Youth Wing’ who will gradually take up the mantle of independently organizing events.


We attach serious importance to our social responsibility. Our past charity donations include contributions for orphanage schools in India, emergency medical treatments, natural calamities such as Uttarakhand, and others.


“United for Excellence” is our mantra. We continuously strive to achieve the best as a social entity.